the sky is no longer the limit

As a young boy, I was always told that the sky is the limit,

but there was no one there to teach me to fly.

“The world is your oyster”, They said,

But I was never taught to swim nor to dive

deep for my dreams.

You can do and be anything

that you set your mind to, but they controlled my thoughts

by showing me what the world deemed

successful; keeping my creativity and voice muted.

The instruction manual for life has been xeroxed and handed down

generation after generation

written in all different languages, but alway translated into the same verbiage. Get good grades in High school, get into a good college, get a high-paying job, have a family, retire, then kick the bucket.

Sound familiar? Oh! I hope at some point you had a moment to enjoy the journey and cross off a few thing on your bucket list before you kicked it, that's even if you had time to make a list.

Ponder this for a minute...What if that instruction manual was lost or thrown away? and now you're living your life by the script of your own heart, no longer chained to expectations or binding rules.

Would you have a different view

of what success means?

Would you stop being afraid of what others might think and take chances?

Would the life you have now be enough?

Today why don’t you stop listening to what they told you as a young child.

Today you can rewrite that manual to live an abundant life.

You will stumble, You may fall, and for damn sure there will be times you will surely fail, but make sure you enjoy the journey to your own success.

LOVE life, know that you are enough and that your heart, soul, and creativity is the greatest treasure of all.

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