Who are we

BeeHyve Consulting is an agency devoted to developing and strengthening relationships between artists and their fanbase. 

We work with creative individuals and those seeking development and a forward-thinking approach to expanding their careers in the music industry. We use UX research methodologies to guide artists and help them understand the mindset and focus needed to make a serious impact in the modern music marketplace.  


The Music industry is an everchanging arena with new opportunities, new rules of engagement and demands that can make or break an artist. Creating a tribe not just loyal fans is more important than ever for success in the music industry. We’re here to help you do that so you can focus on what you do best - be creative and make great music!


PERFORM your best when it really counts, EXCEED limits that are holding you back, and EXCEL in your areas of strength and passion. 

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Lydia Sewell 

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Maggie Szabo

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Josetty Hurtado



For any musician, artist, entrepreneur, who is in need of career guidance or life direction, Bruce Elebee is your coach. With his experience as a music consultant in the recording industry and his background in personal training and fitness, Bruce has helped me bridge the gap between my two passions (fitness and classical music) through his supplied videos, meditations, and exercises. I have only been working with him for over a month, but have already noticed a huge improvement in the completion of my goals, my psychology and my general approach to life. As a skeptic, I’ve never ever signed up for personal coaches because I’ve always thought they would be a waste of time. Bruce has changed my opinion. He’s not into coaching for the money. He cares about your whole well being, and is there to push you towards your best self. Thanks to Bruce, I actually believe I will complete my New Year’s Resolutions this year. I highly recommend Bruce to anyone who needs guidance in their career or personal life.

-Lydia Sewell, Professional Violinist

"Bruce taught me to never give up! I always have his voice in my head motivating me to be strong, go hard and that my only limitations are the ones I put on myself. If you want to transform you body, Life, and health, Bruce is the man to make it happen!”

-Josetty Hurtado Peruvian recognized Tv host & Actress

I have been around a lot of top coaches throughout all of my work in the NBA and Internationally and there are a VERY rare few that are able to motivate and teach at as high of level that Bruce is able to do. Every time I work with Bruce I leave juiced up and excited to keep working and also take some type of learning nugget from him to keep growing on. Bruce is the best of the best in my opinion!!!

-David Nurse NBA Shooting Coach